We know that the ever-evolving and unpredictable market trends and stories of major financial losses can be daunting. We get it when you don’t have the time to learn about wealth creation. We also understand that, for you, going on a vacation is as important as any other financial goal.

We resonate with you when you want to party hard on weekends because you have really worked hard and executed high pressure work commitments, Monday through Friday. And yes, you deserve to spend time with your friends and family.

We are also sure you are interested in creating wealth and financial freedom, but the subject is too complicated with dynamic market trends and fluctuations.

We understand that life can be tough and that financial worries may cause stress, and here is where CIIS will make a huge difference in your life. 

What’s in it for you!

With our experience, constant monitoring of global events, and friendly yet expert assistance, we assure you that we will minimise your risks and maximise your opportunities.

We believe if you invest and preserve like a caterpillar and patiently allow the process to compound wealth for you, you will experience a transformation that will lead you to joyfully fly like a butterfly.

Let’s chart your FLIGHT to FREEDOM
Fly your way to Financial Freedom

You will be surprised to know it is Air. Flying your way to your preferred destination is the safest. But if we are not a travel agency, then why are we discussing transport? We’ll get to it soon.

Let’s first finish what we started off with. If you are flying, the chances of you dying are 0.07% out of a billion. So, what makes flying so efficient?

It is because they follow a process. There is a checkmark for everything. They don’t go by the gut feeling. They stick to the process, and that makes them so successful.

Similarly, if you want your life to safely land on the runway of financial freedom, you need to follow the process.

fly high
Are you ready to board the flight to financial freedom?
Well, if you have read it so far then consider the flight doors are armed. It is time to take off.
Start Small. Finish Big.

As they say, never check the depth of water with both feet. Don’t put in all your surplus in risky assets. Start small and gradually you may increase it to a certain level.

Speculative investments are usually addictive. Be watchful. If you lose money, cut your losses, and learn from your mistakes. Don’t become the victim of revenge trading.

Also, you got to make sure Step 5 of the CIIS’s Financial Hierarchy doesn’t impact the rest 4.

Well Begun Is Half Done!
As with an aircraft, the first seven minutes are critical as it cruises up the altitude, and this is when the pilot must demonstrate his abilities; after that, it’s mostly autopilot. Similarly, when you start your investment journey, the initial seven years will determine the rest of your life, and CIIS will be there to make sure that you don’t panic during tumultuous periods of investing and stay on course to your investment journey’s destination of financial freedom.
I have had a great experience with all the advice and funds that Avdesh has recommended me.
~ Prateek Ojha, Dublin, Ireland
Let’s Start
Your Goal - Our Mission!
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"Hope is not a financial plan."
~ Ric Edelman
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