Freedom- the way live..!!

We the people of India celebrate Independence Day with a great spirit of nationalism every year. We remember the heroes who got us that freedom and often pledge to safeguard the hard-earned freedom. But does freedom only means keeping ourselves free from the rule of an invader or foreign enemy? We achieved that 74 years ago and no foreign invader has been able to snatch it away since then.

Every generation needs to earn its own freedom. And it is not necessarily from an invader. Today we are struggling for freedom of speech, lifestyle, choices, privacy, and many such things. While these were not an issue in the years preceding 1947, they are what our generation needs right now.

One such freedom is financial. The word ‘financial’ may sound a bit odd juxtaposed to the word ‘freedom’, but it does have much gravity to it. We all agree on the point that with money in hand, we can do probably everything to make our dreams come true. We may not be able to save the lives of our loved ones but at least we would be giving them the best medical care possible. The same goes for education, travel, life goals, etc. The question is, how do we have enough money for all our goals.

The answer is a Systematic Investment Plan. Let me draw some connection with our freedom struggle. It was not one revolutionary’s or one freedom fighter’s efforts that won us the freedom. Nor it was a big bang assault on Britsh over a month that did it. It was an effort starting from 1857 that got us freedom. In 90 years, several people did their bits to make that dream come true. They made their SIPs in the freedom struggle and they finally got it.

That is what you as an individual need to do to gain your financial freedom. A well-thought, customised-to-your-needs SIP that can help you realise your financial goals. Every month when you deposit some money in SIP, you will be contributing your monthly share to your financial freedom.

Nothing happens overnight. You can not jump steps and hope to succeed. Monthly investments don’t hurt the pocket and in turn, help your net-worth swell. SIP in any financial instrument suiting your needs goals is the need of the hour. With the economy struggling and the threat of coronavirus still looming, money is the only thing that will come to your rescue.

We at Caterpillar are more than willing to help you realise your life goals. Customisation is the key. Just like one key can’t open all locks, similarly, one kind of SIP can’t fit all your needs. We, therefore, make sure you have the correct SIPs and the rest will fall in place. All you have to do is call us once.

On this Independence Day, we want all of you to celebrate something more. We want people from all walks of life to celebrate SIP Day. A day when you will invest your money in SIP and keep doing that every month. On 15th August 2021, let’s come together and take the first step towards financial freedom. Let’s free ourselves from financial stress and debt. A blank page awaits you to write the story of your financial freedom. The first thing you need to do is etch the golden date — 15/08/2021. Reach out to us at 8178271045 and let’s write your financial freedom story together.

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