"My financial journey is much more stable and systematic now."
~ Mahendra Ravilal Nakar, VP- Ketto, Mumbai
My investment habits were not systematic before I met Avdesh. My portfolio was curated based on my risk appetite after a detailed discussion and understanding of my needs and wants. Professional and knowledgeable in his field, he knows his subject inside and out. As a result, my financial journey is much more stable and systematic now.
"Avdesh is dependable and trustworthy"
~ Gaurav Agrawal, Sr. Engineering Manager, Flipkart, Bangalore

Avdesh is dependable and trustworthy, above all, he will give you the right advice considering long-term vision. He understands his clients’ requirements well and suggests appropriate investments. For example, when I was blessed with a baby he suggested a plan that would help me in her schooling. The right SIP fund coverage is another good suggestion, he made to me for balancing the portfolio and it has provided good returns covering market fluctuations risk as well.

He has a good understanding of risk coverage and health insurance requirements considering type of occupation. For example, he suggested to me to take an additional medical insurance considering my start up plan as that time I won’t be having the company-provided health insurance. Similarly, we did for my parents too and that has greatly benefitted me.

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I would highly recommend Avdesh, if you are looking for the right investment advice and risk coverage. So far my experience has been frictionless and he was very prompt in handling my father’s COVID insurance claim.


"Never regretted any of the investments made after consultation with him"
~ Prateek Ojha, Manager, HubSpot, Dublin, Ireland

Human interaction is way better than getting advice from any portal or websites or bots. While working with CIIS on my goals, I got more personalised advice which was a perfect fit to my requirements and goals. I have had a great experience with all the advice and funds that Avdesh has recommended me. Never regretted any of the investments made after consultation with him. I like his honesty and candidness about the market situation and setting right expectations for my return. I wish I had started investing early.

"Avdesh is a warm-hearted, easy-going, lively, and energetic person"
~ Gaurav Singh, Lead Engagement Manager, T&A Consulting, Gurgaon

I have learned a lot about financial markets from Avdesh. He is an avid reader. He is an astute finance professional with a wide spectrum of knowledge in business, finance, and the economy.   Avdesh is a warm-hearted, easy-going, lively, and energetic person.

He has a witty sense of humor. He is a good listener and considerate toward others. It is fun to be around Avdesh as he is someone with whom you can talk on a range of topics such as finance, business, philosophy, and culture.

"I found him as a perfect advisor for investment and insurance solutions"
~ Dr. Ajay Kumar, Assistant Professor, Birla Institute of Technology

Mr. Avdesh Mishra explained all my queries related to health and term insurance in the simplest way. The most important thing for me is time. I like his punctuality and work ethic. He helped to select the right medical plans and his timely advice on investments has always benefited me.

He has an amazing personality and works with great dedication. I found him as a perfect advisor for investment and insurance solutions. I would highly recommend, because from my own experience I found CIIS, the best in this business. Talk to Avdesh and he will give better clarity regarding investments and other beneficial plans.

"I would whole-heartedly recommend for the quality of work Avdesh Mishra delivers"
~ Abhijat Varshneya, Sr.Manager, Adidas, Gurgaon

I appreciate Avdesh’s instant query resolution, attention to detail, the push to invest to achieve goals. I am super happy and satisfied. More than that I sleep well at night without thinking much about my investments.

Three things, I received as a result of my association with CIIS, firstly, transparent investments and timely response to my queries. Second, a high level of confidence and trust that my investments are in good hands and thirdly, clarity on how to achieve my goals.

His confidence, attitude, knowledge and vision were the key drivers that made me want to work with him. You will benefit from his knowledge and experience, that too with a personal touch.

I would whole-heartedly recommend for the quality of work Avdesh Mishra delivers without any doubt. Moreover, he is a good human being with a positive and rational approach.

"I recommend him for his knowledge of financial markets"
~ Kumar Shubham

I was connected to Avdesh from a close friend of mine and received great feedback about him which led to the establishment of initial trust that he will be good for my money. I like his flexibility and human touch of being a friend than just seeing his clients as just clients.

Unlike other finance professionals who are sometimes act like salesmen, Avdesh will calmly listen to your needs and provide suggestions as per your requirements.

I recommend him for his knowledge of financial markets and his detailed clarity on what, where, and how of investments and its returns. He is not a person to beat around the bush or fool anyone. If he does not have the required information he will take the time, research on it, use his judgement and bring clarity to you.

"I feel 'Care' is the core value with which these people operate."
~ Shweta Khare, Branch Head, Max life Insurance

I get a piece of very good advice even at a time when most investment companies are avoiding getting in touch with existing customers.

"I see him as not only a trusted adviser but also an extension of my assets on whom I can rely heavily"
~ Sandeep Yadav, BPM Solution Architect, Sunlife financial services

I have worked with CIIS investment for almost all of my investments and financial advice. Avdhesh explains things clearly and he is an incredibly knowledgeable person. I see him as not only a trusted adviser but also an extension of my assets on whom I can rely heavily for all my financial investments. I can sleep better at night knowing that my money is in the right place and someone is monitoring it and I am not going to be caught out by a taxman as he does everything legally and as per the rule book. Thanks, CIIS for your services, and keep it up.

"I am ahead of my goals timeline"
~ Ahsan Khan, Software Dev Engineer, Classic Vacation, Gurgaon

I was looking for a competent advice to invest money in mutual fund.

After discussing my financial goals with Avdesh, I felt confident that I could achieve them. I started investing as adviced and It’s been more than a year. All the discussions I had till now have been fruitful and it has been a wonderful experience.

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