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Why Choose CIIS
Fear of fine print is the main obstacle for investors. Lack of sufficient direction and hectic schedules are other significant obstacles to investing. As a company, CIIS is dedicated to principles that simplify your financial life.
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We are known for being transparent and honest in explaining products and rendering services.

Servicing our clients for multiple generations is our goal and trust is the fuel we infuse it with.

Like a doctor, we present the facts and the truth for a healthier financial future.
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Human interaction is way better than getting advice from any portal or websites or bots. While working with CIIS on my goals, I got more personalised advice which was a perfect fit to my requirements and goals. I have had a great experience with all the advice and funds that Avdesh has recommended me. Never regretted any of the investments made after consultation with him. I like his honesty and candidness about the market situation and setting right expectations for my return. I wish I had started investing early.

Prateek Ojha
Manager, HubSpot, Dublin, Ireland
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Mr. Avdesh Mishra explained all my queries related to health and term insurance in the simplest way. The most important thing for me is time. I like his punctuality and work ethic. He helped to select the right medical plans and his timely advice on investments has always benefited me. He has an amazing personality and works with great dedication. I found him as a perfect advisor for investment and insurance solutions. I would highly recommend, because from my own experience I found CIIS, the best in this business. Talk to Avdesh and he will give better clarity regarding investments and other beneficial plans.

Dr. Ajay Kumar
Assistant Professor, Birla Institute of Technology
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I have learned a lot about financial markets from Avdesh. He is an avid reader. He is an astute finance professional with a wide spectrum of knowledge in business, finance, and the economy. Avdesh is a warm-hearted, easy-going, lively, and energetic person. He has a witty sense of humor. He is a good listener and considerate toward others. It is fun to be around Avdesh as he is someone with whom you can talk on a range of topics such as finance, business, philosophy, and culture.

Gaurav Singh
Lead Engagement Manager, T&A Consulting, Gurgaon
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A note from the Founder,
Avdesh Mishra
After losing my entire assets in the stock market at the age of 27, I realised the importance of financial planning and a financial coach. Being an entrepreneur also taught me the importance of strategic wealth creation.

My deepest desire is to make financial planning accessible and to help you navigate this financial world with strategic advice and guidance. With a scientific money management process, let’s minimize your risks and maximize your rewards and get you to financial freedom.

I want to prevent another person from going through the agony of losing their hard-earned money, like I did.
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