Mission Crorepati at 40

Mission Crorepati by 40
Is this you?

You are born between the 1980s and 1990s. You are not yet married. You love to live life king/queen size but you don’t know how to make your hard-earned money work for you. You are seeking clarity on your financial goals.

Are you concerned?
Start Early to Finish Early. Be a Crorepati by 40.

It’s time you make your hard-earned money work for you. With our smart investing techniques, you will stay on track with your investment habits and compound money that generates wealth for you.

Plan and create a corpus of INR 1 Cr. before the mid-age crisis would hit you. Live a life of choices and not that of paying debts, EMIs and bills.

Before CIIS

Poor Spending Habits

Impulsive Buying

No Plan in Place

Buying Things that are Not Needed

Don't know what to do with your money

More chances of Falling into Debt Traps

After CIIS

Blueprint for Success

Motivated and Focused

Confident about the Future

Ability to take care of Parents

Travel for Leisure

Certainty of Financial Goal Achievement

Take Action Now to be a Crorepati by age 40
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