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Transforming Lives with CIIS
Wealth creation, according to Avdesh, does not happen overnight. It is a slow and arduous process, like the metamorphosis of a caterpillar. With Financial Planning, the end results will be beautiful- just like a butterfly.
Lives Impacted
Beyond Money Management

His deep and personal connections with his clients have enabled him to have a friendly presence in their lives.

The Friendly Financial Coach
Avdesh Mishra

How will it be if your financial planner is not just someone who is knowledgeable but also someone who empathically understands you and provides you with friendly and not preachy advice? Yes, that’s how our Founder, Avdesh Mishra, CEO at Caterpillar Insurance & Investment Solutions (CIIS), personifies A Friendly Financial Coach.

His dream is to create billionaires and make financial planning accessible to all. Be it a Full Financial Planning or Protection, Tax Management, Investments for Children or becoming a Billionaire at age 40. He is on a mission to bring ease and comfort through financial security to his clients.

Passionate about Financial Planning, Wealth Management, and People’s Growth
Accountable & Dependable

Known for taking personal responsibility for the work committed


Because, for him, small things in business relationships also matter

Client-First Mindset

Keeping the client’s interest foremost, comes naturally to him


A Knowledge giver and always updated with latest information on Finance

People’s Person

Stands and supports his clients during unexpected and challenging moments


Understands the power and feeling of confidence that stems from financial security

What People Say
Testimonial Image

I appreciate Avdesh’s instant query resolution, attention to detail, the push to invest to achieve goals. I am super happy and satisfied. More than that I sleep well at night without thinking much about my investments.

Abhijat Varshneya
Sr.Manager, Adidas, Gurgaon
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Mr. Avdesh Mishra explained all my queries related to health and term insurance in the simplest way. The most important thing for me is time. I like his punctuality and work ethics.

Dr. Ajay Kumar
Assistant Professor, Birla Institute of Technology
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Avdesh is dependable and trustworthy, above all, he will give you the right advice considering long-term vision. He understands his clients’ requirements well and suggests appropriate investments.

Gaurav Agrawal
The Genesis

Born into a humble North Indian family, Avdesh is an amalgamation of his mother’s determination and zest for knowledge, as well as his father’s sharp intellect and fiery spirit. He possesses an entrepreneurial spirit from a very young age, but like most young people, he did not immediately discover his passion.

Avdesh has never shied away from exploring and taking risks, be it during his young years or in his career. His source of strength and inspiration lies within a unique quality of determination and resilience that has helped him navigate the highs and lows of his life.

He has navigated plenty of roadblocks in his life, including a period of great financial distress where he hit rock bottom. However, not one to let life’s curveballs deter him, he used this turmoil as a lesson that would eventually inspire him to create CIIS.

A Journey to Putting a Client's Interests First

Making clients feel safe and financially cared for is something Avdesh learnt from his own personal experience with finances.

The Onset

After being inspired at a Career Guidance seminar in 12th grade, Avdesh got a Cabin Crew Diploma and started working at Qatar Airways at nineteen.

The Transition

He completed his graduation and while pursuing his MBA, Avdesh also worked at a Business process outsourcing (BPO) to support himself financially.

The Setback

While working at the BPO, he dabbled in stock market trading and later he quit his job to pursue stock trading full-time and he ended up losing a large sum of money.

The Recovery

Avdesh worked as an insurance agent and he realised a majority of people did not invest in risk management and protection of their wealth due to lack of awareness.

The New Chapter

The financial crisis he had to overcome personally became a driving force behind the foundation of CIIS. It gave him the opportunity to help people from his own experience.

Finding Unique Solutions for Your Financial Needs.

We focus on you first. It’s not about selling any financial product to you. Our goal is to benefit you with the right set of investment solutions.

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